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“Till The Water Runs Clean …I will paint only in Black and White”

 Safe and clean drinking Water is a Human Right essential to life and was finally declared by the the United Nations on July 28, 2010, voicing deep concern that almost 900 million people worldwide do not have access to clean water.


Black & White-No.1-12 x 24

Water is unquestionably one of the most important natural resources on Earth –everyone and everything needs water to live. Canada contains 9% of the world’s accessible fresh water and Nova Scotia alone has over 100 river systems, 10 000 lakes, and 35 000 wetlands.

Atlantic Bumps

We all live in a watershed!
I live in the Bay of Fundy/Annapolis River Watershed … Which Watershed do you live in?

In the 1920’s, the Water Survey of Canada developed a Water Resources Index Inventory
as a system for recording and filing water resources data. Their system divided Canada
into eleven major drainage regions. Each region was subdivided further into primary,
secondary, or smaller watersheds. This system has been used ever since.
The Maritime provinces are one of the eleven national drainage regions. The map below, shows the 46 primary watershed divisions in Nova Scotia. Because of the way the province is shaped, the primary watersheds drain into four different coastal regions
Atlantic Ocean, such as the LaHave of Sackville Rivers
Bay of Fundy-Gulf of Maine, such as the Annapolis River
Northumberland Strait, such as River Philip-Wallace
Cape Breton Island/Brasd’Or Lakes, such as Salmon- Mira River

Canada’s 11 drainage regions.   http://www.statcan.gc.ca/subjects-sujets/standard-norme/sdac-ctad/sdacinfo1-ctadinfo1-eng.htm

A watershed carries water “shed” from the land after rain falls and snow melts. Drop by drop, water is channeled into soils, ground waters, creeks, and streams, making its way to larger rivers and eventually the ocean.

Watershed Map

The 46 primary watershed divisions in Nova Scotia are:

  1. Tusket River                                             24. Tidnish, Shinimicas River
  2. Barrington/Clyde River                          25. Missaguash River
  3. Meteghan River                                       26. Philip Wallace River
  4. Roseway, Sable, Jorden River                27. River John
  5. Sissiboo, Bear River                                 28. East, Middle, West River (Pictou)
  6. Mersey River                                            29. French River
  7. Annapolis River                                         30. St. Mary’s River
  8. Herring Cove, Medway River                 31. Liscomb River
  9. LaHave River                                            32. Country Harbour River
  10. Gold River                                                  33. South, West River
  11. Gaspereau River                                       34. Tracadie River
  12. St. Croix River                                          35. New Harbour, Salmon River
  13. East, Indian River                                    36. Clam Harbour, St. Francis River
  14. Sackville River                                          37. River Inhabitants
  15. Shubenacadie River                                 38. Grand River
  16. Kennetcook river                                      39. Isle Madame
  17. Musquodoboit River                                40. Salmone, Mira River
  18. Tangier                                                      41. North, Baddeck, Middle River
  19. East, West River (Sheet Hrb)                42. Indian River
  20. Salmon, Debert River                             43. Wreck Cove
  21. 21. Economy River                                  44. Cheticamp River
  22. 22. Parrsboro River                                45. Margaree River
  23. 23. Kelly, Maccan, Herbert River         46. River Denys, Big River

AlbertaWPS@gmail.com             Bridgetown, NS

Tail End of the Day

Why a Watershed Painting School?

Painting outdoors can and does draw attention.  So, as we paint, others can interact with us and we will have the opportunity to tell the story of our paintings.  The story?  Yes, I am painting this scene from “this”  Watershed.  This is my classroom and I want to learn as much as I can about what  gives this painting life.  Also, I want to encourage others to become aware of Watersheds and hopefully motivate participation in looking after them.

AlbertaWPS@gmail.com,  Bridgetown, NS

Morning Glow

I wanted to find a way to engage others in my community and beyond.  Combining an activity I enjoy with an environmental concern seemed to be the natural path for me to follow.  As long as I can encourage people to come out to interact in nature, learn and discover more about our watersheds, I will offer awareness through my Watershed Painting School.

Find which watershed region of Nova Scotia you live in on page 32 at:

Nova Scotia Environment. Water For Life: Nova Scotia’s Water Resource Management Strategy. Halifax, N.S. : Department of Environment, 2010.

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